The Perils Of Drinking While Nude
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Do Drinking And Nudism Mix?


Each photograph truly does convey a thousand words of meaning, but in some cases another thousand is required to tell the whole story and, on occasion, reveal the aftermath - those strenuous mornings-after when dawn shrinks the mysterious fog of the night before down to a simple exclamation: "What were you thinking!"

And who hasn't been on the receiving end of that sort of inquiry?

Several books have been written about the drunken goings-on at such adult resorts as Hedonism II. They won't make the reading lists at your local high school, but they do inform on the basic level of human function when drowned in rum under a hot tropical sun. In short, people tend to be a bit more frisky on holiday, and if their holiday is at a nudist resort, they can downright indecent, not that anyone minds. That's because everyone is drinking heavily, of course. And what happens in the Caribbean, stays in the Caribbean, except when it requires a course of antibiotics.

To be naked with your wife or girlfriend among strangers requires a degree of psychological fitness. You may have fantasized about your girlfriend with another man, but have you seen your wife naked with another naked man? (Look! That's them over at the bar, and his manhood is swinging dangerously close to that bottom you're so fond of spooning.)

Our resident evolutionary biologist, a member, says we men can't help but have a Darwinian response when we feel our mate is approaching an infidelity. What is that response? "An erection, usually, with intent to inflict spermicidal warfare against a challenging foe." That's the Attenborough bit, the brute nature of our species to successfully procreate.

The truth is, we tend to view our wives differently when we see them naked around other men. It's not that we wish to protect them so much, but our genetic line. This is unexamined jealously speaking.

Mixing alcohol and nudism adds fuel to a fire already sparked by the excitement of communal nudity. If you see a beautiful nude teen on a family nudist beach, you extend nothing more (hopefully) than your quiet, internal appreciation in response.

At a nudist resort for adults, if you see someone's "hot" wife at the swim-up nude bar having a whale of a time, you feel emboldened (with booze) to go share in the merriment. If your wife is the "hot" one gaining the favorable attention, and she basks it it, the sufferings of desire are even more intense (in the Darwinian sense noted above). If your wife or girlfriend singles out another man and gets a little touchy feely (recall they're both naked) - this is what leads to those "What were you thinking!?!" moments the morning after. Adult Nudism: Naked Truths