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Pictures in The Nudist Sun are free and feature random nudist photography from earlier days. They are presented in a reduced format of varied quality. Inside the sister-site "nudist magazine on the web" member's area picture sizes and resolutions run up to 2500 pixels and of course feature today's nudism as practiced around the world. There is no pornography.

This site is part of The Nude Review, a collection of four* interlinked and somewhat differently themed nudist and nude photography "magazines" that celebrate feminine beauty and body freedom.

We really like nudism. But its general presentation on the web is 1) misrepresentative and 2) generally unpleasant, most being fronts for porn, two issues we hope to have addressed in our nudist magazines.

This version of the Nudist Sun complements our more contemporary coverage. To view those sites go to: Nudist Pictures, Today

* "The Nudist Sun," "Nudist House," "Candid Nudity" and "Mobley's Review."
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